New !! Instant Boiling Water Taps added to the range

Fresco Instant Boiling Water Taps

Kitchens are constantly developing and evolving and the kitchen sink in recent years, has been at the heart of this
evolution. Boiling water taps are now becoming an essential
appliance in any new kitchen, for the practical simple ease,
convenience and time saving practicality they offer.
The modern boiling water taps operate at a maximum 98oc
temperature to avoid dangerous steam and time delay in
use. With the addition of push button sprung handles the
latest taps offer a high degree of safety features with all
the benefits of boiling hot water readily available.

Style and Choice 

Modern living is all about great design and when
selecting a boiling water tap to match your beautiful
kitchen you not only want elegant looks but also the
highest quality standards.
Our 350 series range is built around offering you great
style and choice and under pinning manufacturing
excellence to ensure years of practical use.

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